Garage door spraying

Get your garage door resprayed by We Love to Paint

Replacing a garage door can be costly and time-consuming so why not opt for a respray instead? Here at We Love to Paint, we can respray metal, wooden and UPVC garage doors. Respraying a garage door is one of the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive ways to revive an older garage door, whilst brightening up your outdoor space.

We can supply an extensive range of garage door spray paint colours. So whether you are looking to match your existing garage door colour or change things up by opting for something bold, bright and colourful, we can help you to find the perfect colour.  We can also spray garage doors to match or complement newly fitted or resprayed UPVC doors and windows.

Our garage respraying service

  • A wide selection of colour choices available
  • Prep work including paint stripping and restoration
  • A high quality, clean finish

We’ll take care of all of the prep work, including garage door paint removal and stripping, to ensure that your newly-sprayed garage door has a smooth, seamless finish. And, if you’re undecided on which garage door colour to choose, we can offer advice and recommendations for garage door design ideas.

UPVC garage door re-spraying

Wooden garage door re-spraying

Need some inspiration?

We know a thing or two about how to add real wow-factor to interior spaces. Whether you’re looking for advice on the best colour pallet to choose or the best layout for your space, we’re on hand to help, working with your preferences, tastes and design ambitions.

Take a look at a few garage door resprays, before and after

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